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Simbang Gabi 2017

SIMBANG GABI. A beloved tradition by the Filipino faithful in preparation for the great feast of Christmas. It is an expression of our filial devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Mother of God. For nine consecutive days (represents the nine months that Mary bore Jesus in her womb), we join and accompany her as she awaits the birth of her Son. For this reason, Masses are celebrated in her honor.

The Spirituality of Simbang Gabi (Advent evening masses) calls us to nurture the spirit of Advent not only as individual preparation, but to prepare as a community, a family of God united in worship and in prayer. We bring our families and friends to the Eucharist, joining the entire community in waiting, and being strengthened by God's Spirit in preparing for the birth of Jesus.

Our Parish will host on December 20, 2017 Wednesday at 7:00 PM.

News and Events: Events

December 15        Friday       7:00 PM

St. Patrick Catholic Church

December 16       Saturday       7:00 PM

Resurrection Catholic Church

December 17      Sunday       *7:30 PM

Assumption Catholic Church

December 18      Monday       7:00 PM

St. Peter's Mission Church

December 19      Tuesday       7:00 PM

Holy Family Catholic Church

December 20      Wednesday       7:00 PM

Christ the King Catholic Church


  • Christina Batario             

  • Jeff dela Cruz 

  • Jan dela Cruz          

  • Mia Solis 


Welcome Address

  •   Hector Dela Cruz

Altar Servers

  • Christian Flores

  • Elizabeth Harden

  • Ron Harden         

  • Ali Milagros


  • First Reading: Mary Anne Harden

  • Responsorial Psalm: Romy de Vera

  • Prayer of the Faithful: Romy de Vera


  • Christina Batario             

  • Jeff dela Cruz 

  • Jan dela Cruz          

  • Mia Solis


  • Sagnit Family

  • Barrera Family

  • Alicia Mercader

  • Salud Family 

  • Winnie Bouchard/ Basket  



  • Priest

  • Priest

  • Carol Milano

  • Leo Milano

  • Nun

  • Nun

Closing Address

  • Irene Batario


  • Nylor Hortaleza

December 21      Thursday       7:00 PM

Holy Spirit Catholic Church

December 22      Friday       7:00 PM

St. John the Baptist Catholic Church

December 23      Saturday       7:00 PM

Blessed Trinity Catholic Church

           Celebrant:  Bishop Felipe J. Estevez

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